Inês de Carvalho

Scenographer Born in Lisbon, also lived in London and in Évora. Currently resides in Porto. Inês de Carvalho is interested in how participatory modes and strategies can mediate art, life and fiction; she conceives, directs and develops projects where research, practice, production and pedagogy cross in the visual and performative arts, inspired, to a great... Continue Reading →

José Manuel Castanheira

Scenographer PhD in Scenography and Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon, where he has been teaching since 1982, as well as at the Faculty of Fine Arts. His work is notable for its diversity as well as the interdisciplinary nature of the areas it encompasses, such as Scenography for the... Continue Reading →

Carlota Lagido

Performer | Choreographer | Costume Designer  1965, Lisbon, Portugal  Lagido’s work as a choreographer has a multidisciplinary approach in which she addresses issues related to Identity and Biography. One recurrent theme is the idea of a body in constant breakdown. The presence of video has also been a medium she strongly explores, as in "BB2",... Continue Reading →

Rui Francisco

Set Designer  Born in Almada, in May of 1968. He made his debut in 1989. He is a founding associate of APCEN – Portuguese Association of Scenography. He roams freely between Architecture and Scenography. As an architect, he highlights the Centro de Cidadania Activa, in Setúbal, and the Teatro Meridional, in Lisbon. He’s co-authored the... Continue Reading →

Marta Carreiras

Scenographer  Born in Lisbon in 1975, after graduating in Artistic Studies from the António Arroio secondary school, she obtained a BA in Theatre Design from the Lisbon Theatre and Film School and a Postgraduate Degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Lisbon’s School of Arts and Humanities. In 1997, she made her professional debut... Continue Reading →

Claúdia Ribeiro

Prop and Costume Designer Formada em Cenografia e Figurinos pela Academia Contemporânea do Espectáculo. Frequentou o 1.º Ano Académico de BA (Hons) Costume Design Degree Course em Wimbledon School of Art, Londres, tendo-se especializado na confeção de chapéus, sapatos, bijuteria, cintos, cabeleiras, armaduras, tutus, e adereços de época. Possui o Certificado de Licenciatura pela Esmae,... Continue Reading →

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