Drawing and Performance Exhibition

From 3rd to 31st March20 20

At Centro Cultural Penedo da Saudade

Guided tours: 3 march at 6.30pm (opening) and 14 march at 4pm.


Scenographers use drawing as an expressive and communication tool in rehearsal and in performance. They use it as a record of a thought process and an instrument for reflection. Drawing allows discussion and error and serves as a register of the creative process for all involved.

This exhibition aim at reflecting upon the artistic and pragmatic relationship scenographers have with drawing as a device for the creation of space and time of performance and as mediator between the bodies of performers on stage and the drawer’s page. In addition, it looks at the creative process of the scenographic through the study of the relationship between the gestuality of the drawer and that of the performer generating space.

The exhibition is a limited sample of Portuguese scenographers’ drawings and notebooks which have registered the creation of set, costume or prop pieces in theatre or dance performances. They are an introduction into the complex and multilayered world of scenographic drawings which populate rehearsal, workshop and production rooms all across the country in preparation for opening night on stage.

It is the result of a research project, housed at INET-md‘s Dance Studies Group, which intents to look at the way drawing is used during the creative process of scenography within the performance arts, and generate a public digital database which can be used as a source for discussion and reflection by practitioners and academics alike.

With this in mind we post our findings in the form of short papers or articles, as well as interviews with scenographers, their digitised drawings and notebooks and photographs of their performances, to be found at drawingandperformance.wordpress.com and at the existing database at INET-md’s Dance Studies Group, TerPsiCore.

This project is funded through a postdoctoral fellowship from FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology and is co-organised by the Faculty of Sports of the University of Lisbon, the Polythecnic Institute of Coimbra, Penedo da Saudade Cultural Centre, the Centre for Theatre Studies of the University of Lisbon and the production of the theatre company O Teatrão.


Keynote lectures open to the general public:

Lucy Algar, 26th march, 6pm

André Guedes, 28th march, 2.30pm

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